Pasteurized Tees


Where did you get the idea?
I had a small obsession with billiards throughout most of my high school years, and with that came the movie "The Color of Money" starring Paul Newman and Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise plays a pool shark being taught the art of hustling by Paul Newman's character. There is a scene in the movie I have always found hilarious; Tom Cruise's character (Vince) enters a seedy bar ready to gamble against some pretty awesome pool players. Paul Newman's character keeps reminding him to keep a low profile, but Vince enters wearing a black crew neck T-shirt with the word "VINCE" printed across the chest. Modest he wasn't.

Since seeing that movie, I had always wanted a shirt with my name on it. Years later, my wife and I were walking down Queen Street in Toronto when we stumbled upon a store that could make me a "MIKEY" shirt. As I left, elated by this embarrassingly arrogant piece of apparel, we began talking about how limited the font selection was (they only had about 6 to choose from, as well as an array of pre-drawn designs), but no way to truly customize a shirt.

How did the company start? 
We started researching ways in which a customer could get a true, one-of-a-kind shirt printed the same day. So many online places only offer you a bunch of generic stencils and the same dozen or so boring fonts. Something needed to be done, and thus began this t-shirt shop.

Why "Pasteurized" Tees?
My take, which is neither factual nor scientific at all, is that pasteurization changes something for the better using heat, pressure and time, just like our printing process.